Pick of the Day – August 21th: Camu Tao – King of Hearts

Camu Tao – King of Hearts

Honestly, not what I expected at all, and yet I’m still happy it came out.  It’s very sad and tragic, in that he was definitely on the verge of something special. (Sidebar – apparently there was some label issues….with Def Jux?….I dunno what the deal is there, but I feel like some stuff will come out, and it probably won’t be cool.)  He’s basically on some rap mixed with weird alt-rock and 80’s pop/R&B.  And the lyrics are sometimes ominous, which understandable given his condition during the last two months of his life – he passed away after a tough bout with lung cancer.  It sounds like unfinished songs from a man that knew it was coming to an end, so he thought …”I’m going to do whatever ideas I ever thought of….like right now.”  And it’s dope…..and interesting that THIS is the last album released by Def Jux (…what happened to the Danny! album???).  RIP Camu Tao.

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