Pick of the Day – August 17th: Electric Wire Hustle – (self titled)

Electric Wire Hustle – (self titled)

I sort of happened upon this album looking for another album – one of those gems you sort of run into on accident.  And it is a real find of an album.  This is a R&B outfit out of New Zealand (of all places), in the vein of some of the guests on the album, such as Georgia Anne Muldrow and Stacey Epps.  A lot of the material has been out a good minute, if you’re up on the NZ music scene.  A very unified, and full sound….and very soulful – they play like they really mean it…and with some interesting lyrics (anti nukes..etc).  Just an excellent album, from an unexpected locale.  One of the best R&B/Soul albums of 2010 – Highly recommended.

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