Pick of the Day – August 13th: Badly Drawn Boy – Hour of Bewilderbeast

Badly Drawn Boy – Hour of Bewilderbeast

Ever the case of the artist chasing his own talent, Damon Gough has made some pretty decent albums, as Badly Drawn Boy.  But this 2002 album will stand as his opus.  I thought that this would be the beginning of an epic career, and I believe that’s when I learned to not set my expectations so high.  The two following efforts – the About A Boy release and Have You Fed The Fish? – were pretty good albums (both with some excellent tracks on each), but nothing like this Mercury Prize winning album.  The EPs that led up to this album were awesome – he actually could’ve made an album with those tracks, and used this as a follow-up – completely and terribly revisionist, but why not?  This had everything and the kitchen sink in it – folky sounds, pianos, great guitar work, weird uses of instruments, samples, and effects….even a clearly hip hop instrumental, smack in the middle of the album.

His last three albums aren’t much to write home about in any way – save a couple tracks.  All the same, he has an album coming out in October – and I’ll cop it…..I don’t really know if it’ll be good.  But at least, when listen to this album, I know there is a chance of greatness.  It’s been even to keep me purchasing his albums.  Recommended, as one of the best (and most “replayable”) albums of the 00’s.  A collection staple.

Two favs from the album, and a great track from the preceding EP he put out.

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