Pick of the Day – August 8th: Skream – Outside the Box

Skream – Outside the Box

For dubstep aficionados, this was a pretty highly anticipated set, from one of the biggest names, and originators, in the genre.  It took a little while, but he’s come back with something pretty advanced and mature.  You can tell from the title that maybe he’s getting a little “boxed” in to his from, perhaps more than he’d like.  In that, he’s stretched out the structures to cover more ground, more area outside of dubstep.  The incredible thing is that he’s seen as this grizzled vet, at age 24.  That is how fast dubstep, and electronic music in general, moves…especially in a forward thinking (at least musically) country like England.  Pretty dope – recommended for dubstep enthusiasts, and for those looking to expand the collection, in genre.

The first vid is a track from the album…..#2 is his breakout remix of La Roux’s In For The Kill.

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