Pick of the Day – August 6th: Wale – More About Nothing (mixtape)

Wale – More About Nothing (mixtape)

The fact that the Wall Street Journal is hype off this mixtape should let you know how dope it is.  Wale’s follow-up to the much-loved, Seinfeld influenced,  Mixtape About Nothing is actually better than his proper debut – which was pretty dope.  He actually sounds better, a little harder and more lyrical.  I wonder if he really could’ve created a quick follow up with these tracks – this tape is that dope.  (Damn shitty record sales….why can’t Flo Rida go wood, and Wale go gold or platinum?)  Highly recommended – best mixtape of the year to this point..

(This is a unique situation, and one that I think we will see more of: rappers WITH deals, building a career with mixtapes as a foundation.  Some might say Weezy, or someone like that, having been using mixtapes too……but Weezy was well known before the Drama tapes.  Wale will probably end up WAY more famous and viable from these mixtapes, than his albums.  I don’t even think he should be that mad, because I really think that is the future.  You look at a Jay Electronica – he’s not going to do Drake numbers, even if it’s a hard 5 mic album.  But he will still destroy people’s tracks and put singles out, and be okay (relatively, of course.))

Mixtape here at Rap Radar

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