Pick of the Day – August 5th: M-Phazes – Good Gracious

M-Phazes – Good Gracious

A pretty diverse album, featuring a lot of Australian hip hop talent that I’ve honestly never heard of.  I didn’t even know they had a real scene there.  Then again, I had heard of M-Phazes from the Kenn Starr record that came out a few years ago, so I knew there was at least ONE cat holding the continent down.  (Those familiar with the Starr album, and with the instrumental on the 2nd video below, know where the album title comes from…if not, find the track somewhere.)  This is a good showing, and as stated before – very diverse.  It’s not all straight forward boom bap production – there is some live instrumentation..some of this and that… involved throughout.  And while I don’t like ALL of the rappers on this, most of them are dope.  Overall – pretty fresh.  Recommended.

Never thought I could say this…..but …”Australia’s in the house!”



“…M-Phazes…Good Gracious…”…crazy instrumental from the slept on Kenn Starr debut.

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