Pick of the Day – July 26th: Laws – 5:01 Overtime

Laws – 5:01 Overtime

Yet another young spitter, like a J. Cole or Drake, trying to get out here and be someone.  And like those other two, he’s pretty dope.  He does sound a little Eminem-ish with his vocal register, but he’s definitely his own man, with his own flow and story (which is interesting: A Brazilian born kid with Puerto Rican foster parents.)  He recently put out a dope mixtape (of which this is a updated reload) that you can checkout here and listen to below on the Soundcloud.  He’s connected with the JUSTICE League, meaning his production will be something you’d hear out of that camp, as well as some sprinkles from M-Phazes and Illmind.  The Hold You Down remix – is the mashout track, but the whole thing is ill and multifaceted – an interesting listen.

(Shouts to Emilio Rojas and his crew – also pretty dope.  Dope mixtape here)

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