Pick of the Day – July 20th: Japanese Cartoon – In the Jaws of The Lords of Death

Japanese Cartoon – In the Jaws of The Lords of Death

Japanese Cartoon is a post punk/alternative outfit led by Lupe Fiasco on the vocals, Le Messie with him on the boards, and Graham Burris on bass.  I’m usually VERY skeptical of artists in other genres doing albums, or anything, in other genres.  Lupe was already known as a vocal enthusiast of various artists outside of hip hop, most notably Radiohead, UNKLE, and some mentioned punk bands.  But here he goes about 50/50 punk and mainstream alternative, with some as-expected anti-governmentish, politicalized lyrics.  It’s interesting, because he sings (in a funny English accent..which will agitate some people – not a deal breaker for me at all) like his raps – which is a bit of an upgrade in regards to most records in this area of the musical spectrum.  The subject matters may be similar, but as a rapper, he’s able to put words and syllables together differently than another vocalist probably would.

The production is pretty good – scuffed up, but with a bit of polish to it.  I’m actually just impressed.  I mean, it’s not the best thing I’ve ever heard…and some of it is cliche for the genre, but some of it is also different that what you’d hear.  All the same – it’s pretty dope.  I’ve had it on repeat.  Recommended – and it’s FREE.  Hi-5 …and shit.

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