Picks of the Day – July 18th: Robyn and Kelis

I recently bought a couple albums that isn’t in my usual rotation, but I bought them mainly because reviews were good (and I’ve been wanting to go to Dubai lately).  Turns out, they aren’t too bad.

Robyn – Body Talk, Pt. 1

Swedish pop, by indie darling Robyn.  You might remember her from back in the day with the “Show Me Love” single.  But she become something of a indie pop princess over the last little while heer.  Her last full length was also pretty good.  While bordering on straight up techno, it’s catchy…..not the pop you’d find on Top 40 radio in the states, which I find a little odd – she’s photogenic and writes catchy tunes.  Good album.

Kelis – Flesh Tone

…on the other hand – this is straight up dance/techno.  And she sounds good – you could actually tell this would be the direction she would head into eventually.  Her voice was MADE for techno/dance.  Here she can be as odd as she’d like, and people will appreciate it.  She also took a considerable risk here – she has a fan base located in the R&B section, so for this to basically good pretty well, it’s a big deal.  Probably won’t see a lot of dance music on my iPod, but she’ll do.  Plus damn, she’s fine.

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