Pick of the Day – July 16th: Eccentric Breaks and Beats, mixed by Shoes

V/A – Eccentric Breaks and Beats, mixed by Shoes (the link is to a MySpace that I’m not even 100% sure is them, they are pretty secretive….they are dope tho).

It finally dropped on iTunes!  I will let the Turntable Lab explanation to the talking:

So the story goes like this: An anonymous fan of the Numero label began taking his favorite loops, breaks, and snippets from over 7 years of Numero releases (70+ titles) to create a mega-mix that acted like an incredible music narrative, booted it up on 12″, and handed it out to a select group of DJs and producers. Numero found out, and instead of issuing the cease and desist (me – they were literally, actually going to sue…which was going to be stupid to do), they decided to press it up for all the fans(which was smart – sell the bootleg)! The most interesting part of the whole thing is that the force behind the mix turned out to be the label/production team Shoes, who have been responsible for best selling edits and re-works of Al Green, Moodymann, Miles Davis, D-Train, and many others (all dope remixes). The mix itself features over 50 tracks from some of the best artists to ever grace the Numero label. An absolutely killer cut and paste job from Shoes, and an excellent listen all the way through. Features killer throwback UBB-style art from the homie Mike Davis too. Recommended

Me – make that HIGHLY recommended for break/beat lovers.  Super dope.

I don’t have a Youtube or sample of the mix, however…if you click on the link above you can listen to samples.

I have a few other things that will get you in the frame of what the mix is about….examples of things you find – mostly lost funk/soul tracks.

This first one is a trailer for an album called Light: On The South Side, a dope LP set…pricey right now.  I hope they drop a CD at some point.

This one is a cool break/beat set similar to the album.

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