Pick of the Day – July 15th: Grasscut – 1 inch/ 1/2 mile

Grasscut – 1 inch/ 1/2 mile

I happened upon this looking at the Ninja Tune website for the first time in a couple months or so – I was actually looking to see about a new Amon Tobin album.  This was a nice surprise though.  It’s not quite the usual Ninja Tune fare, but it’s a nice departure from their norm, and not so far off that you question it.  As noted on the artist page, this duo from Sussex are influenced by Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Brian Wilson, and Robert Wyatt…among others.  It’s a good blend of sounds, from the glitchy to the ambient.  The unusual is the norm, in the tethering of odd instruments together.  It can be open in some tracks, and open, almost flowing in others.  The album feels like a weird ass dream.  Very interesting samples through out – especially the vocal on the last track, a haunting piece.  Recommended as a change of pace album for people who’d like to challenge their ears.

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