Pick of the Day – July 13th: Curren$y – Pilot Talk

Curren$y – Pilot Talk

An excellent album.  Dude is nice, not in a “wow, dude is super lyrical miracle” steez.  This is more like driving music, something to bump hard in your ride, when you’ve just gotten paid, and you’re not thinking about your bills yet…the bass pushing your Mazda up the highway.  With this, you’re rolling up the fat blunt on a Saturday, with the music just loud enough to not be obnoxious and just low enough to talk shit with your friends.

Curren$y rides the beats like a damn Seadoo, with that medium slow flow about money, clothing, chicks, weed, etc – just generally having a good time in life, as a cool kid.  This brings me to another thing: production.  Ski Beatz does all but two of the tracks – all of them pretty dope..a few of them are nuts.  You can tell the NO born and raised Curren$y has obviously been influenced by East Coast  and West Coast rap, from the beats he picked over the years.  It creates a nice mix of his southern drawl, with a unique and varied sound.  (Unless you’ve been under a rock, or you’re not into underground hip hop – this album is basically a primer for you.  A lot of this stuff has been out, bubbling from below.)  This was released on Rocafella Records – yep….except, it’s solely a Dame Dash project/label, distributed by Def Jam.  Definitely recommended for those looking for chillin’ ass, well rounded album.  Guest are dope as well – Mos Def, Stalley, Mikey Rocks, Jay Electronica (who KILLS “The Day”), Snoop, etc. Promotion stuff for the album, and a lot of other dope shit, can be found at CreativeControl.tv

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