Picks of the Day – July 12th: Radiohead – Kid A and Amnesiac

RadioheadKid A and Amnesiac

I needed to have my musical palate cleansed a little bit with a couple of old standbys – that I’ve bumped before, two of the best albums in history, by my personal favorite band.  It was a big departure from everything they had done previously, and it even took me probably a good two weeks to wrap my head around the album.  But after those two weeks, and then the quick (and equally dope) follow-up with Amnesiac, they vaulted straight to personal favorite of all time status.

Everything about Kid A was epic, but not in a U2 way.  It was epic in a “what if Miles Davis conducted the band and made a rock album” way.  There really isn’t a lot left that I can add onto this album – one the best albums of the last 20-25 years, in any genre.  The incredibly underrated Amnesiac was actually recorded during Kid A, so you can definitely hear the similarities, though it’s toned down, and smoother, than the Kid A selections. (I usually listen to them together, since they were recorded at the same time, in the same frame of mind – they mix well together.)

Word is that they are currently recording new tracks.

This video is The National Anthem….visuals are from a video making contest MTV Latin America ran, this was 2nd place.  Very interesting choice of location and people.  The horns in the tracks for crazy.

Video #2 – Pyramid Song – a live version from the Canal+ sessions in Paris…..arguably the best song they’ve ever made….and they’ve made a LOT of dope ass tracks.

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