Pick of the Day – July 9th: Scuba – Triangulation

Scuba – Triangulation

Let’s see if I can get this in before the strike of midnight (West Coast time..lol…..busy lately).  I bought this a few days ago with the Big Boi, and you know what I listened to first.  However, this album is a heater, for those on the ambient dubstep tip, and nice follow up of A Mutual Antipathy.  A very atmospheric, and visceral album, meant to be played from end to end in one sitting.  It feels sort of in the Martyn vein, but without a lot of the wobbly bass.  Nice builds and subtle samples throughout.  This is a “riding around London at about 1 am” vibe.  It’s a nice album to come down from the highs of your days with.  Excellent selection – recommended.

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