Pick of the Day – June 30th: The-Dream – Love King (deluxe ed.)

The-Dream – Love King

Man, I still enjoy good R&B albums…and Dream is currently one of the best, if very underrated – he’s the only artist in the genre who is able to consistently stick to complete concepts, and make them unusually dense in texture.  Now the key is to understand the album in the correct context.  You don’t play this at the gym, or riding to work, or at your desk (NSFW).  This is straight up 2010 R. Kelly/Prince – it’s plainly obvious who/what he’s shooting for…the person for your audio needs, dealing specifically in unending lust.  I don’t need to explain the R. Kelly and Prince comparisons, and it’s clear who and what they made albums for.  Instructions are simple: Guys, find this CD and play it with/for your woman.  It’s vulgar, but you have the feeling he’s definitely using it for the extra effect in carnality – he’s primarily a songwriter/producer, by trade.  He knows what he’s doing and exactly who his audience is.  He’s not catering to high schoolers, or people over 40 – he’s focused in on people in his demographic, and at his maturity level.  It’s meant to be played in one sitting, or laying as it were.  (I feel like I’m explaining an X-rated movie.)  An excellent R&B album – not for people who don’t like Atlanta club bounce, or people who don’t like hearing about sex in music.  Definitely opt for the deluxe edition.

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