Picks of the Day – June 29th: Teebs/Jackhigh – The Tropics EP + Professor Green.

Teebs and Jackhigh – The Tropics

This is a dope little EP I’ve been listening to today, and really feeling right now.  It’s Teebs, a LA based producer, and Jackhigh, who’s based in the UK.  It’s actually been out a while, but I wasn’t doing the blog much when it was out.  It’s definitely got that Flying Lotus thing going on, at the same time these cats manage to sound mad original.  Real cool and down to earth space shit – if that makes sense…it’s just got that head nod appeal.  There is also a nice remix for the EP on the Svetlana Industries label website.

Professor Green, feat. Lily Allen

This is a track I found, actually about 3 hours ago, from a dope UK rapper named Professor Green.  This is actually a drum and bass remix to the Lily Allen assisted track, but still dope, if you’re into DnB.  If you into UK rap, he has an album coming out called Alive Til I’m Dead.  Dude is nice…used to be a killer battle rapper too.

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