Pick of the Day – June 28th: Interpol – Turn Off The Bright Lights, and the newest single.

Interpol – Turn Off The Bright Lights

In lieu of a new album, coming out in September, and the new single  “Lights”, I wanted to highlight an album I hold near and dear – Interpol’s Matador label debut.  Beside it being one of the best releases of the 00’s, it had all kinds of iterations through these foreign EPs and releases, which only added to the appeal.  Lying somewhere between Joy Division and The Chameleons UK, the album had a particular “largeness” to it that I still appreciate.  It wasn’t quite U2 huge, but still built for arenas and headphones alike.  Carlos D’s bass will be missed (left the band after the close of recording the upcoming release) – he was a highlight in the band.  I’m hoping this new self-titled release sounds as strong as this single is, but I wonder how they will sound on the next album, without him.

New single “Lights” – interesting Charlie White directed video….please watch and read from beginning to end…so that it makes sense.  Arty….sure to be controversial among fans of the band.

And just for old times’ sake – “PDA”

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