Pick of the Day – June 24th: Kode9 – DJ Kicks (latest series installment)

Kode9 – DJ Kicks (!K7)

Another installment from !K7’s long running DJ Kicks series.  As owner of the personal favorite Hyperdub label (Burial, Flying Lotus, etc.) Kode9 has to on top of every current and emerging electronic genre with relative reach – from grime, to bass, to UK funky, to whatever genre is being made as we speak, within the confines of England.  He’s managed to capture it all in an excellent mix, which is fast-paced, and still levelheaded and easy to listen to.  One song never grates the next, just taking the listener subtly up and down, in and out of different sounds and tempos.  His “You Don’t Wash” folds right into Cooly G‘s dope bass intensive track “Phat Si”, and from there into Ill Blu‘s “Bellion.”  Lots of other dope artists (and personal favs) – Zomby, Lone, J*Davey – make the mix as well.  Great mix – recommended for headphone and party use (for people into parties involving dance music.)

Video: Cooly G’s “Phat Si” and Lone’s “Once In A While” which is featured in this mix.

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