Pick of the Day – June 23rd: The Roots – How I Got Over

The Roots – How I Got Over

Impressive.  Throughly impressive.  That is the first thing that comes to mind after my 3rd run through of this album, which thus far is my favorite album since the verified classic, Things Fall Apart.  One thing that is apparent through out is the overall maturity and confidence of the album, specifically of the lyrics (Black is an official LEGEND), the use of other genres (Monster of Folk, Newsom, Dirty Projectors), and of the overall musicianship.  ?uesto has spoken of this album as an artistic mid-life crisis – which is interesting, because while the album is similar to the ominous feel of Rising Down, there is more hope.  And with a few fresh(er) faces like Phonte and Blu infusing some (relative) youth, album is actually as fresh as a mid-life crisis can actually be.

The album is a slow build, going seemingly from a man waking from a punishing hangover or some sort of depression.  This goes into the title track and a following, cleansing track, ‘The Day’, to where the man has actually showered, the aspirin has kicked in, and he’s decided to get dressed and drive somewhere. Using John Legend’s vocals on a few of the ending tracks, it progresses on as a sort of  a mature, hopeful self-realization, in saying, “It is what it is…and I need to try and make the best of it all while I’m here, however long that will be.”

Excellent album – definite recommend.  Video: Doin’ It Again, my personal favorite on the album.  Dope track, funny visuals.

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