Flicks: Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired.

Another interesting documentary for you today, this time on the apparently very muddled case involving acclaimed director Roman Polanski and an underage girl, a 13 year old aspiring model/actress Samantha Gailey (now Geimer).  It showed all of the necessary people who had big parts in the case, including the assistant DA, Polanski’s defense attorney, some important auxillary personnel like friends of Polanski and journalists, and most importantly, the underage girl – who is now probably in her 40’s, and has since forgiven Polanski for what he plead guilty for.

The film sort of shows Polanski in a somewhat sad and “victim-like” light, while highlighting the spectacle.  I’m not sure how bad you can feel for a man that slept with a 13 year old girl, even if he was messed up from his wife and actress Sharon Tate’s grizzly, very well publicized murder.  He remain unrepentant about his situation, which really is pretty appalling – it was a 13 year old girl…he gave her drugs and champagne…love him as a director, but how much more incredibly repugnant, disgusting, and despicable is that?  I have to say, though, it really is a compelling case, even down to the somewhat undertold involvement of the girl’s mother – I mean dude was basically the R.Kelly of Hollywood at the time…would you leave your daughter with him?  The actual documentary and the case have both been made more interesting, in that Polanski is now currently on house arrest in Switzerland, as he awaiting extradition to the US for sentencing.  Brent Ratner, who directed Polanski in Rush Hour 3, is looking to do another documentary about the case.  And news has it that David Wells, who was interviewed for the documentary, admitted to lying about his conversations with presiding judge – who himself was a character throughout the case.

This is available everywhere now, including Netflix, which is how I watched it.

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