Picks of the Day – June 15th: Drake’s Thank Me Later, plus cool little EP

Drake – Thank Me Later

Let me preface this short, amateur review with one thing – Drake isn’t the only Canadian emcee of note since Snow.  Don’t get me wrong, Snow was cool back then…everyone bumped it hard at the time.  But there have been some very notable Canadian rappers: Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, K-Os, Saukrates, K’naan, Swollen Members, etc.  People really need to get up on hip hop in other places besides the states.

At first listen, the first word I have for this “personal”.  That is the one thing about Drake that I’ve always appreciated, and I still feel that is generally under-appreciated – he’s willingness to be an open book about just about everything in his life.  This is really a quality that most rapper don’t have, or only use, in glancing, to make them seem less superficial that they are.  The lyrics are dope, and filled with a lot of honesty and depth.  The beats has a certain uniqueness on certain tracks, but dope, and are song appropriate.  The collaborations are excellent, though I’m not a specific fan of some of the performers.

James Blake – CMKY (EP)

A cool little dubstep/electronic set, from yet another dope London producer – how many are there out of London?  And LA, for that matter…?  These are some thoughtful jams for the headphones, or for the club.  Love to R&S Records too.

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