Pick of the Day – June 13th: Rhymefest’s “Talk My Shit”

Rhymefest – Talk My Shit (from El Che)

I don’t have an album selection because I don’t really like this album (El Che) that much…just seems a little late, as far as the beats and overall sound.  If you’ve frequented this blog enough, you know I like cohesion and “completeness”.  This album is neither, nor is it really much of a concept album, despite the album cover.  He’s still dope, and on the iller beats – like the joint below (produced by Best Kept Secret, i.e. Wale’s debut).  Easily the best song, and the one track that shows the REAL Rhymefest.  He would’ve been better to let them produce like half the album, and kept one or two of the guest spots he ditched.  But I’m not his label head….so…

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