Weekend picks – new, new shit.

More super illy, dope, funky, fresh, fly, rad tunes for you.  Hope you feel it.  I will be chopping up my picks of the week, and will present a new album or three every day.  I feel like, from some of the feedback I’ve gotten, it would be better to break it up.

Onra – Long Distance

I’ve long been a fan of this Parisian cat.  Incredibly soulful (in a hip hop sense) and listenable from beginning to end, with the dope, dope samples (i.e. B.B.& Q on “My Comet”, which was on a cool little 7X7 sampler set from his label, All City.)  You could put this on for anything, from a drive to a get-together with (semi-hipster, cool kid) friends.  Really felt this album.

Sleigh Bells – Treats

I’ve had this a long while, but really hadn’t run all the way through it, because of my attention to some other albums over the last month or so, and lately, Queens of the Stone Age.  Sort of random, but anyways….this is really dope album.  It’s like an electro-rock band found and used an old Roland TR-808, on every track.  The harmonies and drums really do it on this albums.  Not really sure about the shelf life on this kind of style…..which might seem a little gimmicky in a way.  But I hope they hang around a while.

Benga – Phaze One (EP)

Top shelf dubstep.  That is all.

The Black Dog – Music For Real Airports

This is what the title says.  This is some straight up 1970’s Brian Eno space trance ethereal mood music, brought forward to the year 2110.  Futuristic, movie shit.  Definitely for the patient, the willing, the curious, or the high.  And maybe, not in that order.  Next level thoughtful, smooth shit….paranoid even, in some spots.

Raekwon – Cocainism (mixtape, v.2)

Raekwon has gone in for basically the last ….what 8 months or so, or more – back on more of that coke rap.  This mixtape is super, super dope.  ….I made a funny.  This could’ve been an actual album.  Why not hold this?

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