Picks of the Week – some new stuff for your Memorial Day.

Pretty excited about the pick-ups this week… and plus it being Memorial Day weekend and all, this will be a big post.  Shout out to all the troops serving worldwide – regards of political leanings, right or wrong, those brave men/women are putting in work for us.

Tame Impala – InnerSpeaker

My personal favorite album of 2010, so far….slightly ahead of The ArchAndroid, High Violet, and couple others.  There are already a lot of good reviews of the album, via Pitchfork, etc.  In any case, this is top shelf psych rock – fully expansive, and instrumental in every way.  It’s rock music that feels like a thousand car crashed into your ears, in a good way – sounds slamming and folding into each other, with these amazing bursting crescendos (the drumming is nuts).  And the lead singer sounds just like John Lennon.  It’s not a document of sonic perfection, but the misses end up being so minor, so easily covered up by the amazing things happening before and after the mistakes, that they won’t matter.  My recommend of the week/month/year so far.

The Dirtbombs – Ultraglide In Black

Detroit garage rock, with soul/funk infused….it’s like a McGriddle for your ears.  This mostly covers album actually came out in ’01, but as usually….messing around on iTunes, you find the gems.  A little research had me find out, that the band is a dual bass, drum, and guitar set up.  So if it sounds very heavy-handed, that’s because it’s supposed to – it definitely goes hard.

The Claudia Quintet – Royal Toast

In my effort to insert even more jazz into my palate, I picked this up….just to stretch my mind out a little bit.  Foregoing any real definitive category, this group takes you into some areas that go from small, almost glitchy to a large, percussive, big band sound – sometimes in the same song, and with ease.  Definitely for the patient ear, but you will be rewarded for it with each track.

Mock & Toof – Tuning Echoes

A London production duo signed to DFA, doing an album pertaining stuff like the remixes and things they’ve done with or for others.  Typical DFA – broad array of sounds, post punk, a little house/dance – if that is what your vein takes, then you’re good.

Diego Bernal – Besides…

Big, big shout out to Diego.  Love this dude’s sound – and I’m a big fan of Exponential (and didn’t totally realize it) – so big label shout out.  It’s basically Diego growing and building on the last album – except it’s harder..and a little meaner, which is the quality I thought was missing from a some of the last album.  This time he goes from nice pieces and good ideas into complete songs – plus he still maintains a Texas feeling, which I appreciate.  And it’s free – have to love it – find it here.

Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx – The eXXecution

Easy review: Straight up hardbody, banger hip hop shit.  Marco Polo on the boards…..and then RJ with the hard ass rhymes.  Basically a perfect match.  The video should tell you all you need to know.  Dave – you’ll enjoy this here, bro.

Warpaint – Exquisite Corpse

Thanks to Will Hines from the super dope Strangers in Stereo website, for this EP recommend.  Definitely worthwhile – a very fun, up and coming band to look out for.  Apparently mixed by none other than John Frusciante.

WTF – an odd grouping of random tracks that I bumped into on my hard drive, for no real reason:

Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl

Thievery Corporation – Omid

One Day As A Lion – Wild International

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