Picks of the Week: Mini-version

This will be a small version of the weekly picks.  There just wasn’t a lot of heat out there…

The Knife – Tomorrow, In A Year

Nothing this duo does is easy to deal with.  It’s just the way it is.  Apparently not even operatic stuff – which this is.  I’m seen a lot of reviews and some bad comments saying they’ve slipped…..but it’s not an album.  Let me repeat – it’s not an album….at least for themselves.  It’s the score to Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species.  With this knowledge, please proceed to listen to the album….just proceed with caution.  An interesting listen to be sure.

Just to appease Knife lovers…the following:

Madlib – Madlib Medicine Show #1 – Before the Verdict

It’s…okay.  Not horrible…and not awesome either.  I love the beats…I just don’t think Guilty Simpson is ill at all.  A very middling talent on the mic.  Hit and miss, for me anyways.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM

It’s kind of a Beck album with Charlotte singing on it.  I mean it’s good, and it has all of the typical Beck signatures….but it’s hard to distinguish who’s album it really is.  Sometimes it even seems like Beck playing Serge Gainsbourg with Charlotte as the ingenue.  Which would obviously be a little creepy…hmm.  But still quality stuff.

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