Picks of the Week

This week’s drop will be different.  I have new stuff and some older joints I bought during my break that maybe you’d like to experiment with.  Not a lot of real dope major or indie stuff came out this week, so I decided to dig into other albums I picked up this week – most of which are right in my wheel house, but might be fringe-y kind of stuff to a lot of you….but I like to put ome different ish up here in between the normal fare.

Oddisee – Traveling Man

Dope, already one of my favs for 2010.  Each track is a beat that represents the city he happened to be in at some point, as to capture the essence of the city’s ambiance, through his mind, and onto wax.  Definitely a diverse, textured listen….worthy of your money.

Four Tet – There Is Love In You

Complex, innovative, and lo-fi.  Both things I like in a good album a lot of the time.  Some bits of Massive Attack…a few other things too.  It puts you in a relaxed mood – it’s just really, really chill.  Very well done from start to finish…mostly genius stuff.

DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadetek – Solar Life Rift

Global music at its essence.  These guys threw in everything and the kitchen sink on this.  Something you can just throw in and play on any track….really feels like an extension of the ill Uproot album from 2008.

These are some I meant to do something on, but I was on break from the blog –

Royce the 5’9” – Street Hop

Basically goes hard as hell.  Royce really only does banger type songs and albums – and he doesn’t disappoint.  It’s kind of hard to listen to all the way thru, not because it’s not dope – it’s just so damn…..concussive.  I mean the first track is called “Gun Harmonizing”…and features repetitive vocal gun claps.  The dopest track is “Dinner Time” feat. Busta Rhymes (aka one of the most underrated lyricist ever.)  Probably one of the better rap albums of 09.

King Midas Sound -Waiting For You

They put the dub in dubstep.  This isn’t a chill album, per se….but it can be played at night…if you traveling around a post-apocalyptic city, like London 2067.   It’s one of those “I’m going to listen to this album, and get high” albums, yet it can be listened to with your feet firmly on the ground.  Will probably be best played on a nice stereo or soundsystem…and high quality headphones.  Dope album.

Reaching out to left field on the following:

Psych-Funk 101 (1968-1975) A Global Psychedelic Funk Collection

I bought this about two weeks ago.  MAN!….ill.  If the title doesn’t say enough…I don’t know what else to tell you – it’s tripped out funk from back in the day.  It’s really a dope collection, from so many odd places…..Iran, South Korea, Turkey, son…..funk from Turkey.  Word….I mean “right on.”

John Morales – The M&M Mixes (Bonus Track Version)

Basically some stuff your parents might have bounced to, if they lived in the Bronx in 1976….straight salsoul, disco funk type of joints right here.  Pretty good shit, as far as this “genre” goes.  Some of it’s kind of funny…and that’s the point.  It captures a carefree era.

Mulatu Astatke – The Story of Ethio Jazz (1965-1975) [New York – Addis – London]

Dude is the pioneer of “ethio-jazz” – this kind of funk infused brand of jazz….nice horns and other typical jazz pieces, and dope on various types of percussion.  This is the stuff you scrunge your face up to when that bass kicks in.  Also can be heard the the Jarmusch film ‘Broken Flower’.  Illy.

Various Artists – Legends of Benin

Once again…that funk, this time from Benin.  It’s dope that the artists in African countries had so much ingenuity when it came to incorporating the home land feel with funk…..although, that might’ve been a natural blend.  The track sequencing is top shelf….takes you on an easy take off, and then into a faster past….then back down at the very end.  My fav track (couldn’t find a Youtube) – “Vimado Wingnan”

Various Artists – Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura

It’s a typical two-headed piece that Gilles does, to capture the pulse of a country – this time, it’s Cuba..a country with a rich history of dope music.  What drew me in was the track from Obsesion called “Me Lastimas” – dope Spanish hip hop track…that wouldn’t be out of place on another album in English.  (I absolutely refuse to call this reggaeton…it’s fucking hip hop in Spanish language and feel….people deal with it.)  Another nice track – Pasa el Borrador by Los Aldeanos….you ever heard a song that you couldn’t understand…but you knew the lyrics were prolly dope?  The rest:  a good bit of Spanish hip hop…..and a set by Gilles’ Havana Cultura Band featuring local artists doing local music.  Nice pick up.

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