what the hell has k. been listening to?

i’m back to a normal schedule, so you will have more regular posts from me.  i’m done moving schedules and locations now.  it’s given me a lot more time to investigate the news in the last few days….cultural happenings….and of course music – which never really stopped.

i have some new and some reissued…and an old jam too….with that…as we cool kids like to say at times….”let’s go in.”

B. Dolan – The Failure

Now…you talk about someone sneaking up on you.  I’m not sure if my boy Dave hipped me to this, and I forgot (i.e. slept on it.) Or if i just managed to let it slip by me.  But this is ILL.  B. is a slam poet, activist, clown (yes…that’s right…sometimes…) and pretty dope rapper to boot.  He’s got a somewhat jarring stage persona that upon first look would have a lot of people wonder if they entered the right slam spot.  The cat looks like a pro wrestler from the late 90’s version of ECW.  (ECW!…ECW!….ECW!…..but I digress.)  But it’s very real….he’s very sincere in his calling out of hypocrities, his own weaknesses, and his views on everything from rape to 9/11.  The premise is more of less a man with a talking HAL 3000-like machine for a friend, that have arrived, or just crossed over into apocalypse.  Songs seem to be interspersed into the narrative.  A lot of this album is, in fact, poetry set against some dark tunes and vibes.    There are lots of superstars here, but the big dogs are Kate and Bombzo for Baghdad…

Julian Plenti (Paul Banks from Interpol) – Julian Plenti Is…Skyscraper

Well, you can’t question the guy’s individual talent.  Some people liked to make fun of some of his lyrical ability, but on this, he’s proven steady.  Anyone looking for another Interpol album…won’t get what they are looking for, but they won’t be upset with what Banks has produced here.  This is mainly because, quite honestly, some of the songs COULD go onto a future Interpol album.  But he really does shine on tracks like Fun That We Have and Madrid Song – stuff that has his imprint and his imprint alone stamped on it.  I recommend this album…definite enjoyment.

Dudley Perkins – Holy Smokes! and Georgia Ann Muldrow – Umsindo

FONKY! on 11, muthaf*cka.  Seriously…I think Perkins is pretty dope, and he goes hard on this album.  But the story is Georgia Anne Muldrow, the producer – and her emergence as George Clinton’s long lost love child.  The basslines are nuts, and definitely sound like P-Funk had sex with the year 2009…and learned some new shit….and remembered how dope it was.  This woman be a goddamned genius.  She’s just got so much damn soul emenating from her.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – These Four Walls

Somewhat like Glasvegas……in that they are from Glasgow.  That’s were it ends for me.  They sound more like a harder Killers with a Scottish vocalist (with a nice little Bono howl), and no keyboards…maybe more Futureheads that that even, and I usually like the Killers (the first two albums anyways), so it’s a cool thing.  They might be a tad limited in a sense, but they know exactly what they are good at: arena rock with guitars, a nice drum/bass combo, and slow builds to booming finishes.  Nothing wrong with that.  I know tons of bands who’ve made millions with this formula….and yet they still sound pretty fresh.  Gotta love it.  Good album.

THO’Back of the moment:

Cujo (now known by his real name Amon Tobin) – Adventures in Foam

I love Amon Tobim…I think he’s probably the greatest breakbeat/drum n bass act ever.  He’s just got way too many classics under the belt to deny this right now.  And this is the first – from back in 1996, when he went by the stage name of Cujo.  ( I think the only reason he’s not a household name is basically because he’s not a DJ….he only produces, and his sets are more performance art with 7.1 surround sound…not a jump up club deal…it’s a shame though.)  Very cosmopolitan, very jazzy, very spy movie scene set in an upscale Copenhagen night club.  Put this on for some evening head nodding relaxation.

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