The truth of the matter: the emerging story of Cheney and the CIA

I’ve been following this particular story for a second now, and people’s takes on it become more and more interesting, as this goes along.  It just seems to be mushrooming just beneath the surface.  You look at all the questions:  What exactly was/is the program(s) that Cheney (and Bush?) had in play?  Who were the targets of these programs?

I read in one column from Jeremy Scahill on a site I frequent, Intelligence Daily:

“The current portrayal of what exactly this program entailed is, at best, very fishy on several levels. To me, this very much seems like some major league misdirection. There is no doubt that Cheney was running some nefarious programs and any orders from Cheney to the C.I.A. to conceal information on programs to which Congress has a right should be fully investigated. BUT, when compared with other information about Bush/Cheney illegal operations, the description of this one seems really small potatoes for the Intel Committees outside of the need for Pelosi to be vindicated. I guarantee you that there are much worse things that members of the Intelligence Committees are aware of than a program that never was activated, which Cheney told the C.I.A. not to mention to Congress. It bears repeating: this secret program, as it is currently being described, is very, very similar to the longstanding U.S. assassination program that the Intel Committees have known about for years predating 9/11 and Bush/Cheney’s time in power.”

You have to look at this from a lot of angles.  I mean how was Cheney constitutionally able to direct the CIA?  Why was is canceled only just now, seemingly in concert with the Iraq pull-outs, and a major overhaul in contractors, arenas of concentration (e.g. Iraq to Afghanistan..and reaching over to the Far East)?

Why did Penetta agree that the program should be concealed?

So many questions?  Not many, or really any, answers….I’m sure there will be more (read: leaks from a suddenly courageous insider) to follow.

This is the real, real, real issue I have:  All of this is operating under what is also a highly questionable, completely unproven, already debunked pretense:  that there is an “Al Qaeda.”  Al Qaeda is the name of a computer program, specifically a database of militant “muhjahideen”, not some super technically advanced terrorist group.  There is basically nothing concrete at all that says this organization exists, except in the media/government’s mind’s eye.

So if there is no real “organization” to get at…..what’s really happening here?

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