Music pt. 2

Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

I’d be happy to find the person who told them it wouldn’t be a horrible thing to kind of tone it down a little with the art performance.  Nothing wrong with a little straight up drums and guitar.  Prolly was just something they fell into, but it’s a welcome move.  It’s still a very challenging album, but a once-through should give you a chance to soak it up.  “Stillness Is The Move” – dope!ness on 11.  This song has stayed up in the rotation for a minute.  I definitely recommend this pick-up, one of the better purchases of the half year.

The Mars Volta – Octahedron

The calmest album they’ve made, sort of acoustic, but not really..  I suppose it’s kind of straight forward in a sense.  Some of the songs are still sort of a hard to understand (if that’s ever really what happens with a Mars album.)  But it’s probably the album I’d introduce a person to Mars with, just so they aren’t confused with that their ears are receiving upon first receipt.  As usual though with their albums, enjoyable as a work listened to from beginning to end – find a comfortable chair, a nice system, and some high quality headphones.

Lone – Lemurian

If I had to give it some sort of definitive superlative, it would be the album to most likely to best accompany a nice weed high.  Very ‘flowy’ and expansive, but still hits kinda hard.  Kind of a dope Sunday morning steez:  pull out the book you’ve wanted to finish, or just still on the back porch with a brew.

The Sa-Ra Creative Partners – The Nuclear Age: The Age of Love

Honestly, there isn’t a way for me to describe this album – which is one of the top few R&B joints of the year thus far, must be copped.  The influences ranges from 60’s Brazilian samba to Parliament Funkadelic.  Think about that mixture for a minute.  I would jump into Sa-Ra with this album, I’d try the EPs first.  But as far as I’m concerned, this is the best R&B (…I guess) album of the year.  Even ahead of….

Maxwell – BLACKsummers’night

And I love this album.  And this album goes hard.  Then again, I’ve yet to be let down by this man.  Still though, eight (8) years?  For real?  That is a long ass time to be away….and STILL be very relevant.  There is a big difference between 2001 and 2009 – so much has happened between then and now.  And for him to drop this, and it feel right on time?  It’s amazing really.  Let’s you know his real importance to R&B (and how much R&B missed him.)

Eels – Hombre Loco: 12 Songs of Desire

One of the better written albums I’ve purchased recently – That Look You Gave That Guy is a good case in point.  The thing about this about is the wide variance in the songs.  They seems to belong together, but then they don’t.  In just the first three songs, you go from straight forward blues to singer/songwriter material to power pop complete to a drum machine percussion – all in the varying waves of the overall theme of fickle desire.  I think that is what sets the album apart.  If you can handle the ups and downs in tempos, you’ll find this to be pretty enjoyable.

The Horrors – Primary Colours

Surprise album of the year from a band that seems to be bent on proving they are the real thing – and we are the better for it.   The album fits the bands name in its general haunting style of Brit rock.  It’s hard for me to completely explain how surprisingly good this album is, but it looks like the switch up amongst the bandmembers and instruments might give you some clues.  Excellent album, one of the few must cops of the year so far.

Alexander Nut – Rinse #08 (mix/compilation)

Jesus Christos!

– that is my review.  Quit your job, find this somewhere, sit in a corner, and listen.

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