Coming back for the first time.

Ladies and gents – it’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally falling back into the fold.

I’ve been out of touch, out of whack, out of my mind for the past few months….and I’m just starting to get it back on track, and the right pieces in the right places.  It’s been a long haul.

That being said – I’m back….so you can look forward to some new stuff, i.e. opinion based stuff and the music shit I’m known for.  That’s the one thing I’ve been about to somewhat stay on top of – I can’t be without my tunes.

Anyways….good to be back.  big, Big, BIG ups to my main man 50 grand – Dave aka Dirty aka (apparently) The Durham Agitator aka L’Enfant Terrible of the Carolinas aka “Take it to the Bridge(s) aka Mr. “I can’t smoke anymore…there’s no way I can get any higher than I am right now…” circa 1998…

Be back with something soon, bitches.


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