Food For Your Ears…

Dr. Who Dat? – “Beat Journey”


The all instrumental record from Philly’s Dr. Who Dat? This album is great because you can put it on and it gives you a feeling that you are floating through the late 90’s east coast hip hop scene. He also emcees under the name Jneiro Jarel but I have to say he should stick to beat making. He is an excellent producer and this album is perfect for chilling.

Mos Def – “The Ecstatic”


Man it is so good to hear Mos rapping again. This album is so much better than his last release “The New Danger” although its not as great as his classic “Black On Both Sides”. With that being said it is worth the purchase…

Even Pitchfork liked it, and you know how hard they are on hip hop…

Apostle Of Hustle – “Eat Darkness”


Eats Darkness is the follow up album to National Anthem of Nowhere by AOH. Unfortunatley National Anthem Of Nowhere was an amazing album and Eats Darkness does not measure up. There are some jewels on this new record but for the most part it is boring.  Andrew Whiteman the front man for AOH is still and amazing artist. If you are a fan of that Canadian Indie Rock and the Broken Social Scene crew you may still like this. Give it a listen on Amazon.

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