Low Light Low Life…P.O.S. feat. Doomtree

Its the end of Law and Order/ Dick Wolf/ aware in America/
Rockin a cheap sheep suit/ pulled wool/ weave through/
But stay on course/ till pulled over by that pulled pork/
Cops/ keeping the piece/ cocked/
Catch and release like a sportsman/
See em in/ on the court then/ piss poor payin them a portion/
Ha/ funny how they distort/ extortion/ never better/ POS
Dance to the rhetoric/ lean to the left they call me terrorish/
Rock with it/ dance fever got em peepin out the prints on the floor/
True believers keep they eyes on the horizons/
Catch me sizing up the silent/ check the crooked grind/
Watch me 50/50 / deep the balance between the coping/
And the feeble mind/ I hope the broken folk rewind/
Nothing left for token jokers here/ skate off/ were doing fine/

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