Commentary: Coca King makes the Forbes billy list.

Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman Loera has just become the hero to all of the drug dealers, everywhere in the world – from Harlem to Lima to Hong Kong to Lahore, and everywhere in between.

People I work with, and people at home are like….”wow…how did he get in there?  how irresponsible can Forbes be?”

That seems to be the general question asked by basically everyone who’s covered it in the news, or blogged about it.

These people are completely missing the message.

You (the collective) have decided to attack Loera and the magazine, on the basis of moral principle, on decency, on the values you’ve been raised on.  That is where the mistakes are being made.

Do not get me wrong.  I’m not fixing to condone anything related to illicit drug activity.  I am, however, going to have to say that I have to respect what Forbes did, and this man’s hustle.

What Forbes’ message is saying is that – this is, in fact, legitimate.  Not legal – legitimate.  Not right – legitimate.  Forbes is saying that what Loera is doing is basically another way to reach legitimacy.  In a corporate world in which illegal, or at least morally corrupt, activities happen all the time, it is not always easy to pinpoint who is doing what.  But there is one thing I know with some degree of certainty – all companies (regardless of country origin), specifically the large corporations, have some level of corruption.

These megacorps feign decency and honesty, while working poor people in the “3rd world” into the ground.  For example, Nike is known for these practices, but you never complain about those Jordans you bought.  You literally support companies that sell cancer sticks and liquor that are literally labeled as such as they mean to literally kill you.

But then a lot of you are saying….”that man should never be in Forbes…he’s killing Americans with his product.”

Let’s get something straight here…..real shit:  He isn’t killing anyone., he definitely isn’t.  You are.  All he’s done is found better, more efficient ways to run his business, and supply a heavy demand.  The drug business is a multi-billion dollar industry – making more money than most corporations could dream of.  And the vast, vast majority of the users are not prostitues and pimps, or any other so called lower end of society.  The vast majority of users aren’t who you see protrayed on television’s druggies.

You, me, and people like us are using coke, heroin, and/or at the very least, marijuana.  You’ve just recently finished your five on the twenty sack prolly like 10 minutes ago.  Now do you want to demonize your dealer?  Didn’t he get it from someone?  Didn’t he get it from someone else?  Didn’t he possibly get it from Loera?  I bet that sack of ‘Hawaiian Punch’ was ligitimate too, right?

Again – I’m not making Loera to be a good person, because I can’t attest to that.  But being a good person is not a requirement to be a businessman, in fact, it could be construed as a flaw.  People are like…”man, they are finding heads in 55 gallon tanks”, or whatever.  This is the cost of the business these people are in.  That is world of snitches and cut-offs from the alphabet agencies….informants and new gangs.  You have to deal with people according to whatever business you are in, and you must go to the outermost lengths, if required.

Next, you have to understand who Forbes target audience is.  It’s not me or you.

Look at this ocmment left on the Forbes site –

“It is striking that even though his organization has suffered setbacks, he seems to have maintained the ability to traffic cocaine,” says Stephen Meiners, Latin America analyst at Stratfor, a global intelligence firm in Austin, Tex.; Stratfor pegs El Chapo’s net worth at $12 billion.

They are tracking him like a legitimate businessman.  That is because he is.  He is the billboard that says that the drug trade works.  Not legally, or morally, but it works…and it works to a level that allows you to find yourself in a magazine tailored toward upper crust professionals.

Think about that.


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