i read Monocle. so what of it? eat nuggets.

It’s bourgeoisie and self-indulgent as all hell.  It’s not even totally coherent most of the time, and it’s somewhat plain.  But it’s a great magazine: beautiful layout, ill inserts, great articles and short pieces, highly informative.  Tons of things to get into.

It’s not cheap – I paid $150 for a subscription, but it’s well worth it, especially sense I’ve only been able to find it in one Borders in Austin, and I think I saw it at Powell’s in Portland.  $10 newsstand – but it’s worth a peek.  Just take it for what it is.  I saw one cat almost posing with the magazine, like it was a badge of honor, or access.  Don’t be geigh (in the posuer kind of way, not being homophobic)….it’s just a magazine.  Having a Gucci wallet doesn’t automatically say you’re wealthy.  It means you’re a herb and/or it’s fake.

That photo was stolen from another wordpress blog with pride.


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