More albums I’ve been on: PPP, Here We Go Magic, etc.

Platinum Pied Pipers – Abundance

My personal favorite thus far in 2009. This is a lot heavier on the Motown/early Prince soul, than the hip hop they used on the debut. The sound is larger, and it’s intentional, as noted by the first track, “Angel.” The drums….good god…the drums. I read one thing to where someone said it sounded like something Amy Winehouse would sing over. Let’s get this correct – Mark Ronson and the Dap Kings made that work. Amy Winehouse, the entity, works because the sound was, more or less, built around a great voice. This album works because the voices are built around, and toward creating, a great sound. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a difference. And I suppose it’s a matter of preference. I’ll take the sound.

Diego Bernal – For Corners

This Dilla influenced beat CD is another quality iTunes find, and yet another sign that you never really know where the talent is, until it just pops up.  This San Antonio resident and civil rights attorney (lawyers got MPCs now?…!)….yeah, that’s right, San Antonio….has broughten the hot fiyah on this one.  Really – it’s ill.  If I’m not mistaken – I bought this entire CD for $1.99.  Don’t know if it was intentional or not.  What I love is that it’s distinctly Texas….but not to the point that you want to stab yourself with rusted spurs.  Not perfect, but a very nice first try, Brother Bernal.

Here We Go Magic – (self-titled)

ILLY.  It is odd and experimental, especially toward the last half of the album.  But clones, let me tell you about “Fangela”:  Single of the Year thus far (although Tunnelvision is dope too).  One of the my favories of 2009.


Suba – Sao Paulo Confessions

You ever listen to an album, and for whatever reason you start having memories of shit, you haven’t even done, or envision places you’ve never been?  This is what this album does for me, every time i listen to it.  It’s one of the favorite chill albums of all-time, and the album…besides Jorge Ben Jor’s Africa Brasil….that got me into any type of Latin music (of any Latin country), as a real card carrying fan.


Loose Ends – (2 albums) Zagora and A Little Spice

I was just 5-6 years old when my folks where jamming out to this in their primes.  There is something about 80’s, early 90s Brit R&B – I know what it is… was dope.  Soul II Soul anyone?  If someone made a song like “Slow Down” or “Hangin’ on a String (Contemplating)”….people would STILL bump this today.

I will begin posting of opinionated stuff very soon.  Oh – and I’M STILL LISTENING TO EXILE’S RADIO, DAVE….that damn “The Sound Is God”!!!  “…..each one of us thinks I am I….not this “I” think we are, but the I, which is evident…”

Real shit.


4 thoughts on “More albums I’ve been on: PPP, Here We Go Magic, etc.

    • Copped it on iTunes – I will listen and review it…and no problem, we are fans are dope music wherever we can find it. I live in Austin when I’m not overseas – I just had no idea that we had TX artists like yourself….or even Yppah, from Houston, on the scene.


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