Holding his feet to the fire…


On November 4th I was in Seattle with my girlfriend watching the election on MSNBC. After David Gregory announced Barack Obama the next president, I had the same feelings of elation and releif that millions of others across the world had. It was good to see him win over such a disgusting and sometimes down right comedic campaign ran by Mccain/Palin.  I also appreciated the historical value of his win. With that being said it is time to hold the mans feet to the fire. There are many reports in the news about Obama pissing off the far left with his choices for his cabinet. I guess I fit into that catagory. I am not going to discount him totally yet and start being overly critical. He hasn’t even started working yet but I am curious about some of his choices… I will not let him slide just because he is who he is either…I want to know if he seriously is going to go through with this disasterous plan in Afghanistan? or is he really gonna let the tortures slide?


Some people are already questioning:


Truth or Consequences?Why can’t we hold torturers accountable and still find out the truth?


The Nation:

A Secretary of Defense We Can’t Believe In

One thought on “Holding his feet to the fire…

  1. i had a silent moment of elation on election night too..but i fully agree that now it’s time for us (the people) to really put the challenge to him. that means questioning and critique at every turn…i agree that i’m a little worried about his selections and possible choices so far…but are we really that surprised?


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