Defending Elitism…


Everyone in America is chiming in their thoughts on Sarah Palin and the prospect of her being VP or possibly even President. Its reasonable to consider if elected she is one cancer cell or plaque packed artery away from being the president. Im going to post a Newsweek article written by Sam Harris (one of my favorite writers) that elaborates on my (David) two main concerns about a Palin presidency. Before I post Sam’s article I just want to give a run down of my personal opinion which is probably not going to be as prolific as Mr. Harris but I am in no way intimidated by that. I also want to preface that a persons ablity to be a true thinker is when they can hold two opposing thoughts in their heads at the same time while simultaniously making an assessment of both. If you can do that (which I am doing and Sam Harris does in this piece), then please save me all the factionary bullshit about “left” “right” “liberal” “conservative” or whatever box people are painted into. We have been trained to think that if you don’t agree with my beliefs that you are automatically mirrored on the other side, and that is just intellectually lazy.

The first of my concerns is her relgious zealotry. The fact she is a over the top with her faith does not make me or the billions of people in the world who are not christians feel any easier about her being in charge of the most powerful war machine in the world. Sarah Palin is not just a woman of faith she is a textbook zealot, that is not just a partisan swipe..

I have proof—

I know that chances are you may have seen these videos but I just had to put them out there one more time in case you havent. If you want the highlights: Witch hunting, praying for pipelines, saying the war in Iraq is a task from God and a never saying no or “blinking” to anything Isreal wants to do.

The second thing that bothers me about the Sarah Palin phenomenon is the belittlement of intellectualism in American Society. It bothers me that somehow if you want to ask difficult questions (and she has not been asked a single difficult question at all) or if you truly question what is so obvious about her qualifications that you think you are better than everyone else is just silly.  It is not malapropos to examine her corruption ridden role in Alaska and how that is going to leak over into the second most powerful seat in the USA. The questions of her ability to do this job and the question of John Mccain’s judgement are so relevant and apparent that it is something we shouldn’t be taking lightly. What is wrong with being smart?  Blurring this line between being cerebral and being a snob is dangerous. It is dangerous because these are complicated times. We have multiple wars going on, environmental disasters, disease, poverty, economic failings, the rise of other powerful societies i.e. China and India etc… This is not a time to downplay the role of the intellectual in American society. Mental prowess is so much more important now than a persons ablitiy to be a mom or who you want to have a fucking beer with. I really hope people wake up to this. If you think therfore you are! Its not if you think therefore you are an elitst.           <——–PLEASE READ!

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