2008 started off slow, but it is wrapping up nicely…

Murs – Murs For President                        Release:Sept. 30th 2008                         Dopeness:5.5 of 10

Murs has hit the big times! Murs for president is his first release on a major label. Yes, one of the hardest working emcees in the indy game earned his spot in the big leagues. Congrats to him for that but he sure couldve have brought some more heat on this album. There are a couple of notable tracks “The Science” Love and Appreciate2″. I could do without the crossover joints. There is a pretty standard stale obvious sampled Will.i.am track on here and a song with Snoop Dogg that sounds like he sent it in from across the world by phone (no chemistry at all).  All and All I will keep bumping my old Living Legends and 9th Wonder with Murs cds. Im not hating though I think he deserves all the success he gets.

Land Of Talk – Some Are Lakes                    Release: Oct. 7 2008                  Dopeness:7.8 of 10

Some Are Lakes is the full length Saddle-Creek records follow up to Applause Cheer Boo Hiss EP. This cd is a grower because apparently the band has made changes to their line up as well as their sound. Elizabeth Powell is still the lead vocalist though so its not that much of a stretch. Some are lakes is a more laid back record than Applause. It is much more emotional lyrically. It is a great album all the way around but if you are aching for that Applause sound the you will probably enjoy “Yuppie Flu” and “Give Me Back My Heart Attack”.

The Dears – Missiles                   Release:Oct. 21st 2008                  Dopeness: 8.9 of 10


The Dears are one of my favortie bands period. Its very hard for them to do wrong to my ears. This to me is just a continuation of their greatness. Missiles leaked pretty early and while I understand the band is pretty bummed about it, I don’t think they will have much to worry about. This record is going to satisfy their core base and maybe even pick them up some new listeners as well. Murray Lightburn croons beautifully with his paranoid style that still makes you feel like everything is going to be alright. His wife Natalie sings more prominently on this record than any of their previous releases. Im not complaining about this because she can sing and the duets are nice, plus it isnt over done to the point where she takes away from Murray. If you download this album please go but it! I will

Los Campesinos – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed           Release:Oct.14th 2008       Dopeness:7.1 of 10

Poppy, Dancy, Happy, Loud, Euro are just some words that come to mind when I think of Los Campesinos! This band is a prime example of why I can tolerate European pop punk over american pop punk anyday. We are Beautiful, We are Doomed  it has all the elements that American pop punk has with one caveat, its smart! We are Beautiful is just an extension of their previous very recent release Hold On Now, Youngster. Pick up either one if you like Los Campesinos! you will like both of theses releases.

Jake One – White Van Music                 Release:Oct. 7th 2008                                 Dopeness:7.5 of 10

White Van Music is the debut release from this Seattle based producer. Jake One is  signed to G Unit records for a production deal but White Van Music is released on Indy staple Rhymesayers records. I dont think you can get a much broader spectrum than that in Hip Hop. The line up on White Van Music is a direct reflection of that mentality though. This album has the craziest line up. Theres a song with Brother Ali and Freeway together. WTF ? but it works somehow. It ranges from Young Buck, MOP, Prodigy to Little Brother, Slug, and Casual. There are two stars of this album Elzhi & Royce’s “Glow” might be the best hip hop song of the year in my opinion. Oh yeah you know who else steals this diverse show? MF Doom comes out swinging like a beast forreal!

One thought on “2008 started off slow, but it is wrapping up nicely…

  1. WORD!…..dope reviews, Dave. All the albums are on point. How did dude get all those people together? Anyways…every album is copped, except the MURS joint…eh. Good shit.


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