Touch Up On Some Tunes: Stars, TV On The Radio, Deerhunter

DEERHUNTER – Microcastles

Deerhunter is a up and coming Atlanta Indie rock band. This album “Microcastles” is a follow up to their well recieved “Cryptograms” that was released last year. Its hard to pin point the sound of this album. All I can say is, I like it. It is sort of ambient yet rock with smooth vocals. Like I said difficult to pinpoint but when it comes on my ipod I know its Deerhunter and I know I like it.

Stars – Sad Robot EP

Sad Robots is an all didgital release from Stars. If you have never heard of Stars then this would not be a good place to start. Just as well if you are a Stars junkie like myself then this will be essential to your collection. Sad robots has four new orignal tracks from stars as well as some great live tracks.

TV On The Radio – Dear Science,

This is my two word review of TVOTR Dear Science, BUY IT! It comes out Sept. 23 Its freakin’ TVOTR they are awesome and this is their best work yet in my opinion. Im not even gonna go into detail. Just go get it and thank me later.

Zo and Tiggalo Love the 80’s

This is a pet project of Phonte Coleman (Little Brother) and Zo the Musical Architect from Detroit. It is a brief EP of covers by one hit wonder yet classic 80’s songs. ToTo’s “Africa” and A-Ha’s “Take On Me”. Despite the goofy artwork, the musical ability and careful precision they put into these covers is nothing short of greatness. It really does feel good to listen to it. Especially if you are between 25-35 years of age.

DJ KO – Picture This

Unfortunately quality Hip Hop releases are few and far between these days. I must be getting old, because I long for the days of pre 2000 hip hop that seemed like it just came out yesterday. I would speed to my local record store after school to pick up Liquid Swords or The latest Rawkus release. Now when I look at new releases it looks like the same album over and over. Considering the fact that the country is in a recession and I dont have a lot of money(even if I did) I do not want to hear the garbage that is put out now. Nonsensical rant ending—point is DJ KO brought that old feeling back with Picture This and I thank him.

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