Gotta love Ted

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Issue Surprise Charity EP

In wake of RNC police violence, Leo offers two originals, covers Amebix, Cock Sparrer
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Issue Surprise Charity EPTo say that Ted Leo was dismayed by the violence at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, would be an understatement. So he decided to take his anger and do something about it. As he writes, “The surveillance, pre-emptive detention, arrest, and beating of journalists, protesters, and watchdogs by the St. Paul police department, the Ramsey County sheriff’s department, and the FBI was so egregious that it couldn’t be allowed to pass without comment.”

The ever-outspoken punk rocker gathered his Pharmacists and hit the studio to lay down the two original songs and two covers that comprise the Rapid Response EP, available right this very instant for digital download from Touch and Go.

In the liner notes for the EP, Leo explains, “Real people were hurt in St. Paul, and real people have bills to pay, and real people need funding to continue their good works. We (the band and I) were all feeling these events as deeply as we could from our 1200 mile remove, and so as not to feel entirely powerless, and in an attempt to contribute SOMETHING to that continuation of those good works, we wrote a song and recorded it, along with another new one we’d already been working on that’s pertinent to election time politics, and two covers we enjoy and that also have timely sentiments.” Those covers are of crust punk bands Amebix and Cock Sparrer.”

All proceeds from the EP will go to Democracy Now! and the Minneapolis chapter of Food Not Bombs. It’s available exclusively through Touch and Go at the moment, but will make its way to other online retailers after two weeks. Touch and Go is offering a sliding scale of payment for the EP, based on how much you’d like to donate to the cause.

Ted and the Pharmacists embark on their fall tour with fellow rabble-rousers Against Me! later this month, with the mighty Titus Andronicus picking up the support slot once they part ways towards the end of October. TL/Rx and Titus Andronicus hit Bloomington, Indiana on Election Day. Should be an interesting show!

Rapid Response

01 Paranoia: Never Enough
02 Mourning in America
03 I Got Your Number [Cock Sparrer cover]
04 Nobody’s Driving [Amebix cover]

One thought on “Gotta love Ted

  1. I’m downloading that shit right now…wow I never buy music!! But this is more than just buying someones EP…maybe more people should do the charity thing. I think I would buy more albums. I know Jack Johnson does the 1% to the planet thing that outdoor company Patagonia also does…anyway.


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