Back in commission

I (Kahron) haven’t been on for a while.  I want to apologize to friends and family, with my temporary disappearing act.  Basically work has been kicking my ass, up and down the street.  I’ll still be at it most of the time, I’ve come to realize this is going to happen every once and a while, so forgive me.

With no further ado – I got a new (old) album for youz guyz, a throwback, and one I prolly should’ve had on earlier.

Various Artists – Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump

This right here is some of the best 70s Afrobeat you can find.  No super famous names (as far as African music goes, i.e. Fela Kuti), but a very nice mix.  It sounds like something Madlib will make an album out of one day – it’s the best compliment I can get it at the moment.  “Everybody Likes Something Good”, “Africa Irie”, “Wetin de Watch Goat….”, “Hot Tears”, and “Tug of War” are the stars – but it’s a good album listen.  Also cop-able on iTunes.

Roni Size/Reprezent – New Forms

For those of you complete uninitiated on Roni Size – he’s one of the ground-level pioneers of drum and bass.  It actually still sounds pretty good, 11 years later – which is ALWAYS the death knell for any electronic based music.  A seminal album for any music person collection.  There is also a recently released remixed version of the album called New Forms II – which is actually a nice look and somewhat unexpected.  I just didn’t think it would ever, or needed to, be remixed, but Roni did it justice.   Neither are on iTunes…and I actually have had to order it on Amazon to even get it.

Flying Lotus – Reset EP

This was actually released before the LA album – back in 2007.  This EP added on would basically made Los Angeles a 6 out of 5.  A deathly ILL EP.  I actually would recommend copping the LA album….and THEN this EP.  That is how dope this 6-song set is.  …I think I’ve just died of beat pneumonia.

One thought on “Back in commission

  1. OH shit! Roni Size…that disc right there used to be my shit back in the day! I need to get that again. And god look on that Flying Lotus joint. I need to get that too.


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