Music Update – short version

I’ve decided to stop doing the big long blog posting for music purchases/reviews.  I will just put them up as I listen to them.

Now this album – I’ve actually had for a good minute….I just feel the need to post it.  For me, it’s right behind Nas, as rap album of the year – and the mixtape he came out with earlier.

Ghetto – Freedom of Speech

Ladies and gentlemen – if you do not know what grime is – it’s basically hip hop turned up to Brixton hooligan levels.  The beats aren’t like normal hip hop beats – they are usually rougher around the edges….and the lyrics are somewhat faster as a norm.  But – Ghetto is NICE – LYRICS FOR DAYS, MONTHS, YEARS.  In fact, line for line…’s fair to say, given he is an English emcee, he could be called one of the best emcees in the world.  Elzhi is probably the only one staying with him in the pattern department.  Not a perfect album – but worth the pick-up and the extra change as an import.

Ghetto – Ghetto Gospel

The mixtape he came out with prior to the album above.  If you don’t pick up the album (and you should) – go to iTunes and find three songs off this mixtape – it should encourage you to cop:

1. Intro: So Damn Dedicated, 6. Hero feat. Devlin (another hella nice UK MC) – the beats is crazy, 7. Driver’s Anthem – the nicest rap song I’ve heard all year….dope ass beat….lyrics – sweet baby JEEBUS in the cradle. 9. CPB – just nice.  11. State of Mind – the hook is eh….but once again…the lyrics.  14. Test – LYRICS.

Who, right now, is nicer line for line, than this guy?  One thing I also like about this guy, as well as UK MCs – they are very descriptive……and if they describe a crime of some kind….unlike like American rappers…there is a very high likelihood that they actually did what they claim.  It’s more….real.

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