Yet Again More Music Selections…

One Day As A Lion

Wonder what Zach De La Rocha has been up to these past few years? Me too…I dont know all the details but I do know an EP was just released by him and The Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore a.ka. One Day As A Lion. The first song on the EP Wild International is fucking great. Its classic Zach. Definitely one of  my favorite releases of the year. My only beef is that it is so short I could use a full LP of this stuff…

Brendan Canning – Something For All Of Us…

The second release from the Broken Social Scene presents… series. Brendan Canning is one of the many masterminds of the Canadian Indie rock movement. I will say this album doesn’t stand up to the first release by Kevin Drew. Although if you like mellow rock that is just that mellow rock. No real agenda, no fancy tricks but its not bad. If you like BSS then its worth adding to your collection.

Murs and 9th Wonder – Sweet Lord

Get your copy of Murs and 9th Wonder “Sweet Lord” for free at the link below:

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