NY Times: Across Globe, Empty Bellies Rising Anger

Article here.

For all of you “Make Poverty History” people, I have a quote from Gro. H Brundtland –

“And you cannot tackle hunger, disease, and poverty unless you can also provide people with a healthy ecosystem in which their economies can grow.”

Stop worrying about whether or not the hungry can feed themselves, and whether or not the US and the other G8 countries are giving aid to these countries – you need to worry about whether the G8 is helping them develop.  That issue always seems to be passed over…..you’re worried about the prutruding bellies of malnournished 5 year olds. and you forget that there are millions, if not billions, that need more food, and are going to increasingly think about splitting your wig to get it.

Why do you think these countries are always at war with each other, and with themselves – because they are barbaric?  …Or because they are ..non white, which is what one very bold gentleman recently told me?

No – They are hungry.  And poor.

I recently watched a great documentary called Manda Bala – it was more or less about Brazil in terms of it’s direction – using megapolis Sao Paulo and the poor northeastern area as a backdrop.  There was one guy profiled, that had his face covered, and went by a fake name during the doc.  He was basically a professional kidnapper and thief,  from one of the favelas in Sao Paulo.  The interesting thing was that in the news they paint these people are evil and immoral human beings.  He even maintained indifference when asked if he really thought about what he did to people, even in killing individuals that didn’t give in to the demands.

But he said something that struck me – he didn’t think about it…because basically “they” have….and he and the majority of the population have not.  And when the insides of your stomach….your kids tummies…begin to rub – you (yes you) will do anything.  Do you know how wide the disparity between the rich and poor in one area has to be for this mindset to be engrained?  It’s not just about having bullshit stuff like cars- the man still lives in the favelas and mostly gives what he made from the crimes to the community and to feed his kids.

I will leave you with some verses from a song on Freeway’s first album, which really explains a great deal:

But without this drug shit your kids ain’t got no way to eat, huh?
We still try to keep Mom…smilin’…
Cuz when the teeth stop showin’ and the stomach start growlin’
Then the heat start flowin’
If you from the hood I know you feel me
If a sneak start leanin’ and the heat stop workin’
Then my heat start workin’ I’m-a rob me a person
Catch a nigga sleepin’ while he out in the open…and I’m-a get him
We gotta raise our kids while we livin’
Make a million off-a record bail my niggaz outta prison
Fuck a Bentley or a Lexus just my boys in the squadder
Nigga talk reckless then I hit ’em with the Smif ‘n…
But I’m never snitchin’ I’m a rider
If my kids hungry snatch the dishes out ya kitchen
I’ll be wylin’ til they pick me outta line-up…

I’m not advocating doing what’s wrong ( Part of the song’s title and the sampled chorus says “…even though what we do is wrong…”).  But I’m an advocate of capable people doing what’s right so that others are never in a position to feel this way…or be hungry enough to kidnap, rob, or maim you.

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