UN ‘regrets’ Zimbabwe election

Huh?!  The United Nations – a collection of countries – regrets the fortunate circumstance that allows a dictator to intimidate and threaten voters, and rig up an election?  You can’t just let Mugabe do that in plain view – you have to at least be smarter about rigging elections and dominating the massive…like in America, for example.

In all seriousness, this is example A-1234infinity of why Africa can never get on track as a continent.  I’m very confused on why the UN, including the US, is not willing to step in and just oust Mugabe?  I mean, isn’t there something the multinationals can take, like here in the Middle East?

Click on the picture for the BBC article.

One thought on “UN ‘regrets’ Zimbabwe election

  1. i’ve been listening/watching this mugabe thing…first, i am NO FAN of robert mugabe…but, i’m not so sure that we should be so adamant to express disbelief that the UN has not unseated mugabe…fact is, mugabe represents a post-colonial developing african government…how many other countries outside of africa have wack leaders that we never hear demonized like is the case for mugabe…i agree that dude needs to be OUT b/c he initiated and carried out countless injustices against his own people…but what good will having the “righteous” UN (led by america) swoop in and unseat mugabe and watch the country spiral in to chaos…there have to be more diplomatic ways of dealing with this, ways that respect the people of zimbabwe’s sovereignty as a nation…b/c once the UN comes in, what kind of power structure will they put in place that will be truly beneficial to the people?…they’ll just assign a puppet like they do in every country they “save” from an “evil dictator.”

    like a friend of mine says “do you want foreign snakes or domestic ones?…


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