Selections of the Week: Last Shadow Puppets, Baile Funk, Air France

I’m (Kahron) back once again with some (hopefully) quality selections.  This week’s picks will be a decidedly upbeat, because, more than anything, I just felt like listening/finding upbeat stuff.  Here we go:

Sleeper of the Week:

Last Shadow Puppets – The Age of the Understatement

First of all, it’s a collaboration with Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Miles Kane (The Rascals), and James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco).  Second of all, I do know this album was actually released in April – but I’m certain most of you didn’t know….so it’s on the chopping block here.  First of all, it’s an ideas album – not so much in the “I want to do some COMPLETELY different” mold, but in…”I think we could make a different, but cool album” mold.  And I think they succeeded.

They wanted an orchestra juxtaposed to the indie feel, and they got it……the lead single and title track let’s you know everything you need to know.  It almost sounds like an indie band doing song written by Ennio Morricone.  Most of the album is a lot more layered than you would expect, and sometimes a little too much….but overall, it’s a good look.

4 out of 5

Various Artists: Baile Funk 2: Agora E Moda

Usually I’d put something like this in the “throwback” pocket, but it’s new to me – as is the Brazilian Beat label this came out of (which I will definitely be looking for more on one of the dopest site around –  This is different from the current ‘Funk’ coming out of Rio de Janeiro these days….this is actual Jorge Ben flavor, 70s funk.  I mean this is KILLIN’ it, right up there with the best funk in the states.  “Agora E Moda” by Rita Lee is basically the “jam” as your parents might’ve said back in the day.  No matter your age, if you can’t feel this ENTIRE album, you have big problems. Definite sample material for you beatheads out there.

4.75 out of 5

Air France – No Way Down EP

This is hella nice.  As Pitchfork noted, it’s very… know what?  I’ll let Pitchfork tell it here.  Just go buy the download.

No grades for EP….but looking forward to the long play.

2562 – Aerial (photo above is not actual cover)

I bought this out of the recommended albums from another one of my trust sites for electronic music, specifically dubstep – the UK based Boomkat.  Loving this album – sounds like a Saturday night at home in your London flat, right as you’re getting ready to hit the club.  It pulsates, yet it stays smooth and somewhat dubby.  Futuristic, but not too far out, as to leave you to catch up.  Quality dubstep here.

4 out of 5

Throwback of the Week:

Inner City – Big Fun (this is the US title; it is called Paradise in the UK)

For some reason, as few days ago, I was humming the song “Good Life” from a video as a kid.   I found it on iTunes and bought the album…turns out, as far as late 80s/early 90s techno goes, it’s pretty good.  Apparently, this group was at the forefront, and one of the groups at the foundation, of the much lauded Detroit House/Techno scene.

This album brought me back to when you would actually hear Dance music on mainstream radio, i.e. Snap…”I’m as serious as cancer, when I say Rhythm Is A Dancer”…LOL……Technotronic – who doesn’t like Pump Up The Jam?…..Black Box….C+C Music Factory….etc.  Prolly won’t hold your attention too long, but it’s harmless, nostalgic fun….and a good pick up for a music collector like myself.

2 thoughts on “Selections of the Week: Last Shadow Puppets, Baile Funk, Air France

  1. I do like The Last Shadown Puppets and I think you described it well. Is that Air France really any good? I’ve read the review on Pitchfork and while they have given me some good selctions but they have also steered me the wrong way as well…


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