Recent releases (updated): N.E.R.D., Flying Lotus, Boy 8-Bit, LB

This week I have some new joints.  Now that I have internet outside of work…it’s easier to do what I’m known for – staying on top of my music game.  I can’t very well put up EVERYTHING I listen to, because those who know me best, know I listen to a lot of shit.  So, therefore, I’ll randomly pick some winners – I don’t like to rank my music…..a person should just explore….and that’s how I’ll present it to you.

On that note – here we go.

N.E.R.D – Seeing Sounds

This is an interesting collage of stuff – you have hip hop, rock, various club style genres such as drum ‘n bass, and even some Hives-like power pop.  For those of you who want me to rank this album – I’d say it’s still behind ….In Search Of.  That being said, it’s still a very good album.  The improved lyrics are the one thing that surprised me a little bit.  Pharrell seems to be putting together much better, coherent lines.  Not that he’s a bad writer, but sometimes it would see too primitive or too out there.  He’s reached a nice middle ground on this effort, even managing to talk about his sexual wishes in an adult way.  The lushness of the album is also a sign of growth as musicians for the band.  Nice pickup.

3 slaps to your mama’s ass – out of 5.  (I know I had 4 here yesterday…but after I listened to the album during a workout…I found myself skipping a lot of the songs…..have to take off for non-replayability)

Boy 8-Bit – The Suspense Is Killing Me EP

I have to say – I know very little about this South London kid.  I just know i like the very promising EP for those of you into club music.  He is mixture of dupstep, D’n B, and some BMore – definitely something you’d hear in a ‘cool kid’ club in London, Copenhagen, NYC, etc.   Look for remixes he’s done for the like of critical favorite (and mine as well) Burial.

No grades for EPs.  I’ll just say it’s a nice start, can’t wait to see what a full album sounds like.

The Cool Kids – Bake Sale

This is basically what everyone has prolly already heard, plus a few more dope joints.  Truth be told, they are probably 2 years too late to “blow up,” which ironic in that they rock an ’88-’89 steez they’ve never seen… it might be a propo for them to be a little late.  Plus, they aren’t going to be able to play the ’88-’89 flavor for long.  But these kids (especially Mikey) are pretty nice on the mic, and the old school boards.  If you want all of their songs on one CD, or if you haven’t even heard of them or the songs….this is the selection you want.

3.9 dope wheelies – out of 5

Little Brother – …and Justus for all

This is basically an album formerly known as a mixtape.  THIS….. is the Little Brother I missed in Getback – aka The Inevitable Brick(…well at least most of it.)  Getback just didn’t have a focus without 9th Wonder.  Not that they couldn’t have made a dope album – but they should’ve looked for nicer beats.  Then again, they can’t pay $$$ for Just Blaze beats.  This mixtape is pretty good.  Not bad…just not great.  Phonte is still nice and Pooh might not be BETTER, but he is more confident…which definitely add to his flavor.

I’ve actually read that this is prolly going to be the last piece of work they will do together, as a duo, for a good while.  They both have full plates:  Phonte’s on board for a follow up to “Connected’ with Nicolay as Foreign Exchange.  And Pooh is going to hook up with Nottz on a project.  So you need to hold on to your catalog (like I said about the Roots).  Except for Getback……(dry heave).

I can’t grade it as an album, since it’s not very cohesive and very random.  So as a mixtape: 3.5 out of 5.

Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

FlyLo’s back and we are better for it.  For those into beat albums, ‘Los Angeles’ is almost as good as it gets.  It’s heavy….light….intense…..dreary…..happy and sad….hopeful and full of angst.  It’s superficial and profound all at the same time – which matches the title.  The two dopest things about the album are the ill precussion mixed in the very…I’ll say – aural – feel.  You kind of get sucked in, and it’s hard to think about something else to listen to.  And that is what gives this album a certain “greatness.”  After listening, you feel like…….you almost need to come down off of it.  You know what?  It’s like a threesome – it’s somewhat  smutty…but that high is very intoxicating, and very communal in a sense.

You think I’m being too deep about an album, then #1 you don’t like music that much to care……and #2 you still need to listen to this album.

4.75 out of 5.

One thought on “Recent releases (updated): N.E.R.D., Flying Lotus, Boy 8-Bit, LB

  1. Well I agree with you on the NERD. I think Pharrell’s writing had improved and the production is great as always.

    The little brother mixtape is good as well. One thing that bothers me about this mixtape is the original sound quality was horrible, Ive heard cassette dubs off an am radio station with better sound quality. This is supposed to be a remastered version and the sound quality still sucks! whats up with that? I know these guys have quality equipment. When Im playing Little Bro in my car I wanna knock that shit ! ya heard?


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