Tomorrow could be a lot sooner than you think…

Remember that movie “The Day After Tomorrow,” which shows Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid looking for each other, against the onset of global freezer burn?  Basically impossible, right?

Well, a mini version apparently is not.

On the very excellento science blog Watts Up With That?, there is an article that may bust those climate change bastards once in for all, in a very not-so-fortunate-for-the-human-race way.

Apparently, according to a paper from National Solar Observatory reseachers William Livingston and Matthew Penn, there is a very good possibility, based on studies, that the Sun – our life force – will no longer have sunspots by 2015.

Now….what does this means for you and me?  Well, look at the supposedly “consensus” stance on global warming.  It’s being propagated that WE, humans, are creating it, especially through the carbon emissions.  I don’t need to tell you it’s a completely bullshit, corporation and government built farce.  You can watch one of many videos on it here, which I’ve posted before.

I mean…I thought it was getting hotter?  Well…

This development, if it was shown mainstream (which it won’t be), would basically rock the prevailing and false Gorian falsehood to its knees.  ….Oh wait….I haven’t told you the greatest, most awesomest news ever in life:  the lack of sunspots will cause a Little Ice Age, of the like we haven’t seen since the 1700s.

I’m going to let you read that again.

Okay.  I will let the The Little Ice Age wikipedia article speak for me, in terms of painting a scenario.  Do not be fooled but what you read there.  In our current time, something like this would spell out B.A.D. – the implications would be dramatically world changing.  As Anthony Watts, editor of the Watts Up With That blog, says: “Let us all hope that they are wrong, for a solar epoch period like the Maunder Minimum inducing a Little Ice Age will be a worldwide catastrophe economically, socially, environmentally, and morally.”

Go Green? :\

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