A comment on Sir Charles – by (somewhat) popular demand.

I watched this video.  I’m going to comment.  First of all, you have to admire my dude….one of my favorite basketball players….a man very knowledgeable about the game of roundball – Mr. Charles Wade Barkley.
Love that guy.
That being said – who exactly gives a flying fuck about what Charles Barkley has to say about anything political?
I don’t.  I ask my retired sports stars to stay in the arenas they know, like American Airlines Arena….or Joe Louis Arena……NOT any socio/economic/political arena.   And dude is BARELY good at talking about the sport he PLAYED at a Hall of Fame level.  
What bothers me more is that he’s really bought into politics in general.  He thinks that the next president will be the new beginning/downfall of America, going to the the post-Bush era.  I’m not going to push into a ” the political system has fucked us” diatribe.  (Although it has…and America will not change unless we stop this intellectual/psychological gang warfare between “parties” and you, as a citizen….and we begin to talk about what the actual issues are)
Maybe Charles has turned into the “knuckle-ed.” 

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