Iran, Iran, Iran let me count the ways…

If you look about a week or two back there was a post on Corrosive Material about The Defense Minister of Isreal going to have a  meeting with President Bush about the “feasibility” of an attack on Iran. Lets just follow a little trail that leads straight to Irans front door. For all intensive purposes lets say it began with the NIE document. The National Intelligence Estimate essentially stated that Iran halted all nuclear programs in 2003. This was a huge blow to Bush, well atleast it should have been considering he was threatening us with some threats from Iran which apprently according to the NIE were never there. Do you remember “So I’ve told people that, if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from have knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,”(W) Instead of admitting wrong doing, they have to come up with another reason to get over there. At first Bush tried to backtrack and say that despite research we should follow his gut because he knows whats best for us. Amazingly the media wasn’t buying it. Then this happened. I dont know if you remember this in the news but what was reported is that there were Iran War Ships in the Gulf planning to attack us, but guess what? This is what really happened. Shortly after the Strait Of Hormuz incident Bush went to the middle east himself (I must add this is his first time going to Isreal since his presidency began), and during his visit he hit various other countries trying to convince  of Irans “threat” and simultaneously talked all kinds of shit about Iran. He called it “The Freedom Tour” (no joke). After he has returned the administration has continued to up the rhetoric. Also Isreal has began to attack Palestine again, and for some reason this information has been incredibly scantly reported. The news is hard to follow especially when things are chopped up onto soundbytes or the real news is on E13 of your news paper. It is necessary to be aware of this war with Iran. It becomes a fun game to piece the news together where it actually makes sense, this is just a superficial view but hopefully enough to make people read into it more and catch up on this story as it unfolds. By using indy media and digging a little deeper you can really run into the truths about anything. Lets watch and see what happens eh?

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